The private-funding thermometer rose by $18,199 in December, bringing the sum for the year to $137,087 or 119.5% of the goal.

Annual fund campaign contributions of more than $11K provided the biggest boost. Results also included $3451 in general donations, $2000 from Tee Time sponsors, nearly $500 from the Friends’ Book Nook, and approx. $400 from cash receipts (printing, damaged/lost items, room rental, etc.).

With all the numbers in, we’re thrilled that, thanks to your generous donations and the tireless efforts of the Friends of EPL all year, results exceeded the target, which is a projection of the gap between what the library receives from public sources (state and local) and the projected operating budget.

The additional funds help in two key ways: First, they address any increase in the gap due to inflation or higher utilities costs that occur over the year. Second, they help with capital expenses (i.e., building, grounds, fixtures, furnishings, equipment and technology), since the library would not have to draw as much from its capital account to cover those costs.

2023 funding outlook

We’re pleased to announce that all three local municipalities served by the library — Emmaus Borough, Macungie Borough, and Upper Milford Township — have committed to a 3% increase in funding for 2023. Thank you all who reached out to local council members to enlist their support, as local funding represents the largest component of the library’s budget.

In other good news, the Commonwealth of PA has increased 2023 library funding slightly. State funding covers approximately 20% of EPL’s budget.

The board met Jan. 17 and approved this year’s budget, so we can now report that the 2023 private-funding target is $119,837.

Check back next month the January results. In the meantime, you can help the library start the year off strong by making a tax-deductible donation or lending your support in other ways.

Thanks in advance for your support in 2022!