General and Library Use policies

The following information will help acquaint you with the most important rules and regulations pertaining to general library rules and policies. For a list and links to all library policies, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

The emmaus Public Library Mission Statement

To enrich our community and inspire lifelong learning by uniting people, ideas, and information.


Internet Access Policies

The Emmaus Public Library’s Internet access is provided to the public as part of the library’s information service. Patrons are encouraged to explore the Internet on their own or with help from the library staff. The library provides Internet access with workstations for public use. Wireless access to the internet is available for patrons who have their Wireless-enabled devices.

The library does not provide public access to subscription services or access to direct personal communication services, such as chat lines.

The Library does provide access to some research tools with your library card and PIN, both onsite and from home. For more information on our online research tools please ask at the Front Desk.

All patrons using network resources in the Emmaus Public Library must exhibit a willingness to limit time on computer systems. Internet users are expected to use the Internet as an educational resource. The following procedures and guidelines are used to help ensure appropriate use of the Internet at the Emmaus Public Library.

Wireless access is available to all library guests during business hours. No library card or ID is required, though you must enter a password to connect. The password may be obtained at the Front desk.

Guests are expected to comply with the Emmaus Public Library’s Internet Public Access Policies at all times and use the network in a legal and responsible manner. Use of the library’s wireless network is at your own risk. Our network is in compliance with and meets the requirements of the CIPA – it filters all internet usage and may block websites, links, or uploads & downloads. Read our full policy: Internet Access and Acceptable Use Policy.

Enforcement of Policy

a. The Emmaus Public Library uses a technology protection measure which blocks or filters Internet access to some Internet sites that are not in accordance with the policy of the Emmaus Public Library.

b. Any patron may have his or her library privileges suspended and/or be removed from the premises, and/or be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency for any misuse of the internet services.

Fine Free and Lost Items

OVERDUE FINES: As of 3/1/2020, LCLC libraries no longer charge overdue fees on most library materials. Lost items are assessed at the cost of the item plus a $3.00 processing charge. Inter-Library Loan items are $1 per day or more based on the lending library’s fines. Museum passes and WiFi hotspots will also incur a daily overdue fee based on the item type. Lost or long overdue marked mobile hotspots will be charged at the replacement cost of $76 per device. Lost or long overdue marked lost museum passes will be charged at the replacement cost for an annual pass, which varies from institution to institution and year to year. To learn more about our Fine Free Policies click here and for FAQs click here.

OTHER CHARGES: Charges for damages will be assessed for each item that requires repair or replacement. This includes, but is not limited to, damages to barcodes, plastic cases, tapes, books, and any other part of a library item. The minimum charge is $1.00, the maximum is the cost of the item + $3.00 for processing. Museum Passes are billed at the cost of a membership based on each institution’s charges. Inter – Library Loan items which are not picked up are subject to a $1 charge per title.

The Lehigh Carbon Library Cooperative and other Pennsylvania Library Services

There are a number of other local libraries nearby, including some outside of the Lehigh Carbon Library Cooperative. With your LCLC card in good standing, you are eligible to borrow materials from participating libraries with AccessPa, a service provided in part by the PA State Library system. Find their contact information here.

Looking for more ways to access digital materials like eBooks and Reference databases?

As a resident of Pennsylvania you are eligible for a free eCard from the Free Library of Philadelphia. You can also visit any of their physical locations to obtain a card.

If you live in an area of Pennsylvania that does not offer local library services, like Weisenberg Township or Northwestern Lehigh, you can also sign up for a free eCard from PA Power Library to access digital materials.