We can’t thank you enough for the amazing Giving Tuesday response! We raised $4,000 on May 5 — and your continuing donations have bumped that to more than $7,000 since then, including the generous match from the Friends of the Library.

What’s more, we had a blast giving out lots of gifts in return, including:

0 rolls of Charmin 🙁
1 TikTok dance video to Tequila by The Champs
1 original poem about love
1 handmade felt terrarium
2 hand-drawn bookmarks
2 health-bar/bike-bucks bundles
2 coloring book sets
2 batches of chocolate-chip cookies
2 sets of ‘Top 5 Quarantine Recipes’
3 jigsaw puzzles
4 original haiku by Miss Sue
10 sets of J. Cramer cards
450 bike laps by Jill around the EPL parking lot (about 31 miles)!

…but Jill still has 50 laps left on her dance card (500 total), plus we haven’t maxed out the Friends’ matching funds on up to $10,000 through June 1. So, we’re keeping the page up and the gifts going through the end of the month for anyone who missed out or still wishes to contribute. In fact, more gifts may be added to the page before it’s all over (stay tuned). Every donation of $25 or more gets a gift:


Thank you for supporting the library.