The April exhibit at the library (April 3–May 1) is Small Works (Big Imagination). This exhibit runs in collaboration with the Lehigh Art Alliance and the Emmaus Public Library – our thanks to them!

The Printmakers Society of the Lehigh Valley was founded in 2013 by the late Professor Richard Redd, former head of the Art Department of Lehigh University, along with a handful of regional printmakers. More than 10 years later the society aims to exhibit our members, educate the public about print, and share ideas, techniques, and opportunities.

Our members are artist printmakers from the greater Lehigh Valley region, some with decades of experience, and some at the beginning of their art careers. We exhibit regularly in locations across the Lehigh Valley and run occasional printmaking workshops.

To see more work from our members and keep up with events in the printmaking community, please follow us on Instagram (@printmakerssocietylv):

Our website, which includes an application for membership, is here:

In printmaking, a plate transfers ink to paper. Each new print involves inking the plate again, so each print is handmade by the artist. Many different types of plates, inks, papers, tools, and techniques can be used. Printmaking tends to attract artists who enjoy experimenting with different materials and the associated tools and processes. Along with traditional methods such as woodcut, linocut, etching, and lithography, printmakers continue to explore new techniques and methods, and some of these are on display here.

Prints can be unique pieces, or part of an edition – multiple prints which are (more or less!) identical. For this association with multiples, and for other historical reasons, prints are often more affordable than other types of artwork. Many collectors have gravitated toward prints as a way to own and enjoy handmade art.

Small Works (Big Imagination) Exhibiting Members:

Victoria Beck: website / Instagram (@inkhound_unltd)

Dee Collins: website / Instagram (@booksboxesandbeyond)

Elaine Cunfer: website

Pat Delluva

Lucy Gans: website / Instagram (@lcgans)

Erin Pryor Gill: website / Instagram (@erinpryorgill)

Deb Hamburger: website / Instagram (@pulppaperprints)

Katie Hovencamp: website / Instagram (@katiehovencamp)

Claire Marcus: website / Instagram (@clairebmarcusart)

Jodie Scharadin

Carolyn Spivak: Instagram (@carolynspivak)

Evan Summer: website / Instagram (@evansummer)


ART@EPL is the library’s exciting partnership with the Lehigh Art Alliance and the Lehigh Valley Arts Council. The series is funded through a grant from PA Partners in the Arts, making it possible for area residents to enjoy free art lectures and workshops from local artists working in pastels, charcoal, sculpture, and watercolor among others.

Visit the ART@EPL page to see all the artists who have led workshops and exhibited work at the library as part of ART@EPL.