The private-funding thermometer rose by $24,517 in December, bringing the sum for the year to $146,960 or 122.6% of the goal.

Annual-fund campaign contributions of more than $15.5K provided the biggest boost. Results also included $6.2K in general donations, $1350 from Tee Time sponsors, roughly $750 from the Friends’ Book Nook, and approx. $470 from cash receipts (printing, damaged/lost items, room rental, etc.).

Thanks to your generous donations and the tireless efforts of the Friends of EPL all year, results exceeded the target of $119,837. This figure, which is set at the start of the year, is a projection of the gap between what the library will receive from public sources (state and local) and the projected operating budget.

The additional funds help in two key ways: First, they address any increase in the gap due to inflation or higher utilities costs that occur over the year. Second, they help with capital expenses (i.e., building, grounds, fixtures, furnishings, equipment and technology), since the library would not have to draw as much from its capital account to cover those costs.

2024 funding outlook

We’re happy to announce that all three local municipalities served by the library have committed to an increase in library funding for 2024. We applaud their continued support and thank everyone who reached out to their local council members during the budget process, as local funding represents the largest component of the library’s budget.

Funding from the Commonwealth of PA will remain the same for 2024.

The combined state and local funding cover approximately 70% of EPL’s budget. Private funding must cover the remaining 30%.

The board has approved the 2024 budget and has set this year’s private funding target at $136,344.

Check back for January results in our next issue and help us start off well by setting up a recurring monthly donation, purchasing your tickets for Tee Time at the Library, or joining the Friends and becoming active with a group of great people, among the many ways to show your support.

Thanks in advance for your support in 2024!