[by Miss Sue] This year the library has some different plantings going on in the backyard.

To safely distance during Covid-19, we have been holding events outside, on the library green spaces. Since the library is situated on a triangular plot of land between two busy roads, most of them take place in the area behind the Children’s Wing of the library, near the Riparian Zone.

When you attend these events, look out for our seven cherry tomato plants (3 red, 4 yellow), as well as a variety of herbs including oregano and chamomile. More plants will be added as they become available. They will be labeled with their names and the phrase “Edible Campus.” That means the fruits of these plants are there for people to eat. If you don’t know how to harvest them, please ask Miss Sue, who will show you the best way to do so without harming the plant.

Extra fruits that aren’t taken will be shared with Plant A Row, a national program that helps feed the hungry. This is our fourth year serving as a collection site.

Why are we doing this?

Edible Landscaping is a 30-year-old movement to use green spaces and lawns to provide food for the community. Universities in rural and urban areas are pioneering planting to provide for their students and faculty.

The University of North Carolina has an active Edible Campus, as does the University of California – Davis, where students are learning about proper nutrition, where their food comes from, and how they can get involved in planting with an eye toward beauty and food production.

Here at the Emmaus Public Library, we are tying this project to many other things we offer. Aside from Plant-A-Row, the library has a Seed Catalog, which allows library users to check out seeds for planting at their own property. We encourage literacy with our agricultural events, books for library users to share on the best ways to landscape, garden, and use produce (we’ve got tons of cookbooks!). We can also hook you up with local organizations that can answer all your pest or other problem questions!

Check out these links for more info: