Want to honor a friend or loved one and support the library at the same time?

Celebrate special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and promotions — or honor the memory of someone who’s passed — by making a book gift donation in their name.

With as little as $25, the library will purchase an age-appropriate title to add to the children’s, young adult or adult collection. The book will have a special bookplate inside the cover that acknowledges both donor and honoree.

Simply fill out this form and tell us a little about the person you want to honor or memorialize: What are/were their passions, career, hobbies? What subject(s) would you like the book(s) to be about? What age range of books would you like to donate? Submit the form and check, and the librarian will make appropriate book selections.

You’ll receive a letter with the title(s) of the book or books that were purchased. Your donation is tax deductible and the book(s) they will be appreciated and enjoyed by patrons for years to come.