The Knauss Homestead – 1777

From the time of Sebastian Knauss arriving in Pennsylvania until the time of his death he acquired more than 400 acres of land in what is now Emmaus. His last residence was most likely a stone house located on the Northwest corner of Keystone and Main.

The Knauss Homestead located near East Main Street was built by Sebastian’s eldest son, Heinrich on Sebastian’s original 200 acre plantation and in fact may be built on or very near his original cabin. The house is of log construction and certain architectural differences may indeed point to the original cabin as part of the existing homestead. The Knauss Homestead was occupied for 158 consecutive years by descendants of Sebastian with seven generations born there.

Knauss Homestead: Community

  • Sebastian Knauss was one of the founders of Emmaus
  • The barn was used on what was believed to be a working farm. Using crops or animals for survival or trade within the village.

Knauss Homestead: Uniqueness

  • As its only source of heat the home has a centrally located fireplace
  • Prior to 18th century diaries were kept by men for daily notes about farming or business. During the 18th century literacy rose, paper cost dropped and diaries for the individual became more popular

Knauss Homestead: Conflicts and Cooperation

  • The house was built during the Revolutionary war
  • During this time men had internal conflict choosing between the beliefs of the church or their own personal beliefs

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