The 1803 House – 1803

Jacob Jr. was the youngest of ten children of Jacob Ehrenhardt, one of the founders of Emmaus. Jacob Jr married and had four daughters and in 1803 at the age of 43 he built the federal style house now known as the 1803 House because of the year it was built. Jacob Jr. was known as a Revolutionary war soldier, a shoemaker and a farmer.

1803 House: Community

  • Extended family relying on one another for survival, building protection from outsiders
  • Emmaus had a connection to Nazareth and Bethlehem because of the Moravians who came to the Lehigh valley in the 18th century

1803 House: Uniqueness

  • The house was built from materials local to the area and considered “modern” for its time
  • The front door faces the village and the church

1803 House: Conflicts and Cooperation

  • Jacob’s father was a leader in the new village
  • There were rules for children and adults called the “town regulations”

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