STEM for TeensApril is just bursting with good things for kids and young adults — including three weeks of STEM for Teens, sponsored and coordinated by Tutor Doctor, a local business (click on the flyer to enlarge).

We asked Tutor Doctor’s Tyler Collins, a West Point graduate, to give us a preview of what he has planned:

Tell us a bit about your background:

I’m a manufacturing engineer by day and electrical engineer by night with a military and mechanical engineering background. I’m a West Point graduate and long-time fan of self-study, “making,” and leveraging the power of the internet.

Can you give us a peek at what you’re planning for the series?

The series will be three stand-alone STEM presentations. Each one will include:

  • one team STEM activity and associated discussion;
  • a high-level ‘flyover’ of two or three STEM topics that will be different each week;
  • a discovery exercise where participants try to explain what is going on with a provided STEM application, followed by group discussion if time allows;
  • each session will end with a closing note on STEM and a list of resources for further learning.

Do the sessions build on each other? Do teens have to attend all three?

  • They do not build on each other; I believe a teen could attend all three and benefit from each one.

Why do you think STEM is important, especially for teens?

  • STEM has obvious applications everywhere around us, and it has now for some time in exponential measure; but now the barriers to entry are all but eliminated — not only for STEM careers but also for STEM exploration by hobbyists, even at young ages. You don’t need a degree to become a scientist or an engineer — all you need is access to knowledge (namely, the internet or literature) and a desire to learn. Assuming everyone attending will have access to the former (whether at home, school or the library), I will attempt to spark the latter by generating interest, fostering curiosity, and empowering through example.

Ready to sign up for Tyler’s STEM series? Stop at the desk, email or call 610-965-9284 to save your spot!