The private-funding thermometer rose by $18,045 in October, bringing the sum for the year to $101,971 or 88.9% of the goal.

Annual fund campaign contributions of more than $16K provided the biggest boost. Thank you to everyone who has responded. If you haven’t yet, you can find the letter here and contribute via check or online.

Results also included more than $525 from the Friends, nearly $300 in general gifts, and nearly $900 in cash receipts (printing, damaged/lost items, room rental, etc.)

The library also received $4K from the Public Library Association/AT&T Digital Literacy Grant, which supports the workshops currently under way. These funds are separate from the private-funding goal.

With just two months of results left to go toward the target of $114,706, the gap is $12,735, or $6,368 per month on average. How can you help push the library over the goal in the remaining weeks?

Decisions on 2023 funding from our three local municipalities are expected next month. Thank you to those who reached out to your local council members to express your support for the library. Stay tuned!