The private-funding thermometer rose by $1,808 in June, bringing the total for the year to $65,123, or 56.8% of the goal.

The total included nearly $500 in sales from the Friends’ Book Nook and a similar amount (nearly $500) in ‘cash receipts’ for printing/copies, lost or damaged items, and lecture-room rental by local organizations.

The remainder (roughly $800) included everything from ‘annual fund’ donations, to general gifts, to the donation box at the desk, to sales of EPL tote bags.

At the halfway mark for the year, with the thermometer above 50% of the goal, there’s $49,583 to go (or $8,264/mo on average) for the rest of 2022.

We recently received two bits of good financial news: First, the library’s been approved for a $20K Trexler Trust grant for a new circulation desk later this year. While separate and aside from the private-funding goal — which is applied to operating expenses that are not covered by state and local funding — the Trexler grant is much appreciated, and a new circulation desk is something we look forward to!

Second, the just-passed 2022-2023 PA state budget includes an $11M increase for public libraries. While we don’t yet have details of how it will impact our own budget next year (and therefore the private-funding gap), it is being widely hailed by libraries across the state — which suffered significant cuts in 2008-09 to the tune of roughly $20M. A $5M increase in 2019, and now a new $11M increase, are key steps in restoring that loss.

Six months down, six to go. Check back again next month for July results!

Thank you for your continued support!