Visit the library on any given day and you’re likely to see one, two, or even three patrons heads down and huddled around our jigsaw puzzle table, working to solve the profound mystery of what piece goes where. There’s just something about a pile of puzzle pieces that drives us to create order out of chaos.

Some like to work the puzzle right-side up; some (like the puzzler above) like to work it upside down … and some just want to know where the beautiful wood table came from. Browse through our ‘jigsaw puzzles’ photo album on Facebook and you’ll not only see when we became the lucky benefactors of that masterpiece, but also some of the cool puzzles patrons have completed over the years.

Now that it’s getting colder out and we’re about to turn the clocks back again, you don’t have to come to the library to get your puzzle fix, though. You can borrow one to take home instead … and what could be more cozy than a cup of hot cocoa and a jigsaw puzzle when it’s damp and cold outside?

Just in time, we’ve added a bunch of new puzzles to our collection that you can borrow (see photo). These come from generous donors, and we’re very grateful to have them for all to enjoy. Most are 500 and 1000 pieces, but there are a few new kids’ puzzles as well. They’re located on the display shelf across from the circulation desk.

The lending period on puzzles is three weeks, and they can be renewed once, giving you plenty of time to work that baby…in between more important things of course (wink). Take a photo when you’re finished and tag us on Facebook to show off your handiwork.

If you have puzzles that are complete and in good condition and don’t know what to do with them, send them our way. We’ll be glad to put them to good use!