If you and/or your children like to read, today is your lucky day, because we have our biggest-ever ‘just added’ list, weighing in at 216 items.

New picks for adults include 53 novels from both fan favorites and debut authors, thought-provoking nonfiction, DVDs, and some new ‘Great Courses.’

Then — weeee — Miss Sue went on a shopping spree, so there are loads of great new reads for young book lovers of all ages, including 57 nonfiction books on topics ranging from planets to python (the programming language).

Go here to view/download a list of our new additions, then click on a cover image for details and to reserve items from your account online for curbside pickup. You can also request curbside pickup by email or phone.

On OverDrive/Libby, another 33 eBooks and 1 eAudiobook have been added (mostly for younger readers) — as well as 12 new magazine titles and the latest issues of your favorites — all available with your card number and 4-digit PIN.

For help accessing digital items, email Lauri at eplcollection@cliu.org or check out the help pages for OverDrive or Libby.